Friday, September 16, 2011

Gamechanger: The little bitty muffin

Yes. I ate a muffin. No, I haven't "cheated" once on my paleo diet since beginning it 21 days ago. Part of me just wanted to blog about the incredible paleo friendly banana/apple muffins (made with almond flour) that my lovely fiancĂ© made, and then I realized that these muffins meant something huge. I've been trying to live for the past 21 days according to the Paleo/primal diet lifestyle, and have found it to be intensely rewarding. As I've blogged about before, I've caught some flack about it, and usually land on the defensive. The "did caveman eat that..." comments always get to me, but if I'm honest, I never had a good response. Well these little bitty muffins not only gave me a response, but much more importantly they made me see this lifestyle differently. The word "lifestyle" gets overused almost as much as the word "diet," but that's really what this is. No, I’m fairly certain a caveman never ate a muffin made from almond flour, but I bet he damn sure wishes he could have. I'm not a caveman, I’m not even trying to be a caveman, I'm trying to eat according to what, evolutionally speaking, our body's are designed to eat. That's what I realized; finding NEW, INNOVATIVE, UNIQUE ways to eat a really old way is what I'm all about. Trying to eat just "like a caveman" is not only difficult, but it doesn't capture the idea behind what I'm after. That would simply just be another fad diet, a change in behavior to resemble something other than what I really am. Instead, I'm trying really hard to become something that I really am.

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  1. Who's giving you a hard time? Let me at 'em!!!