Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where to (re)Start?

It's safe to say it has been a while.  When I looked and saw that my last post was so long ago, I would say I was surprised, but it wouldn't be true.  In fact, I was kind of surprised that it was that recent.  The truth is that it has been almost a year since I've felt like myself.  I sustained an injury last summer that put me out for months, got back, and sustained another one that put me out of training and out of my hopes for my second Ironman finish.  These injuries derailed me physically, but I allowed them to derail me mentally and emotionally also.  I've had spurts of time when I felt like I was coming back, but they've fallen short.  I guess I can't say that wont happen again, but I've got one little thing on my side that I'm hoping might make a difference.  Starting Monday, July 1, I have one month of summer vacation. No work, total vacation.  I'm going to use this as a 30 day reboot of my life.  I'm also going to use it to do a project that I've been wanting to try for a long time.  I'm going to chronicle the 30 day reboot in a video blog here.  Every day for 30 days I'll post a video of my progress, thoughts, struggles, etc.

In a nutshell, here's my plan for the reboot:
-30 days of totally clean/paleo eating.  Along with this I really want to refine the way I was doing the diet before, even when it was successful.  I'm a carnivore, but I really want to up the plants.  I'm going to incorporate some juicing, stack on the veg and try and stick to higher quality meats in smaller portions.

-My calf has been feeling normal and I've even been doing a little running.  I'm going to continue to swim/bike/run as well as do crossfit at least one a week (usually twice).

-While this is a month off of work, it's also my only vacation month, my birthday is this month, and hey, it's summer.  So I'm going to allow myself 4 days this month (one for each week) to enjoy a beer or two, or eat a non paleo meal.  These aren't "cheat" days, because I don't believe in cheat days (more on that later), but rather than go completely off the rails because I have a beer or a slice of pizza, let myself know that there will be circumstances where it happens.  Let it happen, then move right back on course.  That being said, I'm going to try NOT to use these 4 days.  Part of the purpose of this is to show that I believe this is a sustainable lifestyle and not something that is a departure or anomaly from "normal."